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Counteraction to manufacturing and distribution of counterfeit products

Counteraction to manufacturing of counterfeit products, as well as their import, distribution, wholesale and retail – is core of our business. We succeeded a lot in stopping counterfeiting in different industries, such as: pharmaceutical, foodstuff, tobacco products, perfumes, sport apparel and footwear, crop protection, household goods and many others. Knowledge of industry specifics enables us to react immediately with right strategy and action plan to stop counterfeit product infiltrate the consumer market.

Such plans usually contain the following measures: Anti-counterfeiting

  • monitoring the consumer market to spot counterfeits and measure the illicit product incidence;
  • analysis of samples of counterfeit product for its specific fingerprints, possible origin and intended market of sale;
  • analysis to determine possible origination of equipment, raw materials and counterfeit packaging;
  • determining the geography and channels of the illegal import;
  • investigation into transportation channels and the counterfeit supply chain;
  • understanding who is the consumer of the product;
  • prepare materials for submission to appropriate law enforcement agencies;
  • submission materials to law enforcement agencies and monitoring the case in court;
  • destruction of counterfeit goods as well as equipment and materials used for their manufacturing.

Taking into account that Ukrainian legislation provides for administrative and criminal liability for manufacturing, import or sale of counterfeit products we cooperate with law enforcement agencies.

At trademark owner's authorization and request we provide corresponding materials to law enforcement agencies for actions to be taken in accordance with respective legislation. We continue monitoring the case until the court decision and when law allows assist authorities in destruction of counterfeit products and equipment, as well as counterfeit packaging used for their manufacturing.